Mayberry Sights




Take a walk in front of our court house replica, or just sit on the bench out front and relax like Andy and Barney did from time to time.


After you’ve relaxed out front and watched the traffic go by, come on inside and see what it feels like to sit behind Andy’s desk. Or maybe you’d like to go see Otis’s favorite cell I think Barney said his cell was cell #2 or was it #1 anyway as long as Barney can remember that’s all that matters.




Now here’s a familiar Mayberry sight on Mayberry’s Main street Foley’s Market the Mayberry Motel and Radio and TV Repair. You’ve gotta see this while your here.



Gomer and Goober’s tow truck, this is cool. Wouldn’t you like to see Gomer driving this down the road and Barney chasing him down for making an illegal U Turn.





I bet you thought we’d forgot about The Darlins, well we couldn’t forget a family as talented as The Darlins. Charlene, the boys and Mr. Darlin will live on in Mayberry and allways be close and dear to our hearts forever.

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